From March 21st into early May, the museum and gift shop were closed while our historic galleries received a well-needed refresh. Isn’t this what we’re all looking for after the past few years?

We are very excited about the repainting—only the second time since 1888! It’s all part of our rebranding that we’ve been working on during the past few years—among many other things.

Please join us in thanking John Kelly Painting and his team for their superb workmanship in prepping and painting the two galleries. Also Drive In Paint-Mart for donating paint for the project. Additionally, volunteers at The Hermann Dexter Lodge helped pack the collection before the painting and then returned to reinstall the galleries.

The museum is reopening on June 17th, 2022, and we look forward to showing you our newly repainted galleries with newly reinstalled exhibits and displays. Please contact us with any questions.

Painter John Kelly and his colleague, Wanderlay, apply a gray primer coat over the yellow paint that covered the galleries from floor to ceiling since the 1960s.