Thank you to all who volunteered in helping to clear overgrowth at Powder House Rock and around the 1766 Powder House on April 27th, 2019. With the reduction of brush, people are able to access the trail, make the short hike to the top and look over sections of Dedham, and see the historic brick structure. The historic significance of the Powder House was to store military supplies in a “place convenient, safe and practical.” Its location, placed high on a “great rock” near the Charles River, kept it remote from the general populace in the event of an explosion; nothing is now stored in the Powder House.

More cleanup will continue, so please contact the DHSM if interested in helping. Powder House Rock is located at 162 Ames Street, Dedham, by the Charles River and Ames Street Bridge. Thank you to the town for picking up the bundles of brush.