In a lively illustrated slide lecture, Anthony Sammarco, noted historian and author, outlines Howard Johnson’s determination and grit in creating the roadside restaurant that every American remembers with fondness. Lecture will be held at the Dedham Historical Society, Thursday, March 24th @ 7:30 pm. DHS members free, $5 adults.

Howard Johnson created an empire of orange roofed restaurants across the country. A well respected entrepreneur, his logo “Simple Simon and the Pieman” is fondly remembered and he is credited with being the “Father of the Franchise Industry.”  Born in Quincy, Johnson began his empire on Beale Street selling newspapers, cigars and ice cream, which by the 1930’s would include 28 flavors. Eventually, he offered Ipswich clams, roast turkey, grilled frankfurters and other old time favorites that established a loyal clientele.