Current Exhibit

“Dining in Dedham” Exhibit

The old saying that “we are what we eat” holds true for the past as well as the present. The Society’s new “Dining in Dedham” exhibit looks back on Dedham’s culinary history, exploring what our ancestors ate, how they prepared it, and where they dined. From the earliest settlers eating by the kitchen fireplace to the arrival of fast-food chains in the 1950s, “Dining in Dedham” tells this delectable story through photographs, menus, old cookware, and other artifacts from the Society’s collection.

The exhibit opens January 30 and runs through 2018. So drop in for a taste of Dedham’s past!

Located at 612 High St., the museum is open Tuesday-Friday 12-4 PM and even-dated Saturdays 1-4 PM.

Admission: free for Dedham Historical Society & Museum members; $2.00 per person for non-members. For more information, please call 781-326-1385 or email: